Are We in the Middle of ‘Bubble 2.0’?

The New York Times’ Brad Stone today takes a look at some of the overvaluation, flowing VC dollars and “irrational exuberance” that has reared its head once again in Silicon Valley.

This isn’t completely new, as a few signs of a possible bubble resurgence have come over the past year with the inflated acquisitions of Skype and YouTube, among other events. But it’s an interesting glimpse with lots of good insights from the likes of Marc Andreessen and Brian O’Kelley, whose former company Right Media was bought by Yahoo! for $850 million.

The article poses an important question, but is also somewhat scary in its subtext: Given myriad factors causing these overvaluations (some of which are originating thousands of miles away) even if we recognize in large part that we’re in a bubble, there is still no way to stop it.

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