NY Times Goes After SMB Market via AdReady

The New York Times is set to recruit small-business advertisers via a deal with AdReady, the Seattle-based ad agency that provides a choice of 600 free templates for banners, customization tools and usage reports.

The Times will recruit its own advertisers via in-house promotions. Advertisers will have a choice of 14 sections of the site that are self-selected by advertisers (i.e., sports, international news, etc.). Alternatively, advertisers can simply choose Run of Site, or opt for self-service geographic targeting, since The Times is positioned as a national newspaper. The program is especially geared toward advertisers with “budgets under $10k.”

In a release, The Times makes a curious reference to serving “the long tail of online display advertising.” I am still pondering that one. It probably refers to the opportunity to serve advertisers that might have otherwise made a Google purchase, even though Google’s text-based advertising might be an imperfect match.

For AdReady, the white-label deal with The Times continues efforts begun with The Cobalt Group and Allrecipes.com. In other recently inked deals, AdReady acts as a media planner with a slew of ad nets, including Yahoo!’s Right Media, Advertising.com and Google.

Kate Kate from ClickZ has more here.

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